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June 16, 2017

Panic Attack

Today was a scary day. As I was leaving work at lunch for an appointment, and walking toward the door, something happened that I never experienced before. My hands and fingers became numb, I had a sudden loss of hearing and my legs felt like lead. I knew something wasn’t right so while clinging to the wall, I walked to the opposite end of our building where the Skyward clinic is located.

Unfortunately, the clinic was closed. I began to feel nauseous and as though I was going to pass out. Fortunately, right across the hall was the human resources department and I knocked on the door to ask for help.

I was able to sit down and that’s when I had trouble breathing. It was almost as if an anvil was on my chest. I was struggling to take a deep breath. I thought for certain I was having a heart attack, even though I didn’t have any pain. I was sobbing and trying to stay calm. My mind was racing and I felt like I wasn’t in my own body. I was almost certain I was going to die. It was terrifying.

They called an ambulance. A fire truck came with it. And when four paramedics walked toward me I freaked out. It was overwhelming (and embarrassing). I had a strong instinct to run away from them.

They checked my vitals; blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar. All checked out in the normal ranges. I described the experience and my symptoms and how it came on so suddenly. They took a picture of my heart to rule out cardiac arrest. My heart was fine.

They then stated I had a text book case of a panic attack. I was starting to come out of this and they asked me if anything was happening in my life that was causing stress.

Let’s recap: thunderstorm, power outage and basement leaks, Murphy’s passing, a family friend passing away, searching for new daycare (which we finalized as of yesterday! ūüôā Thank goodness!), my van needing more repairs and having to only use one vehicle, not sleeping more than 3 hours each of the last three nights, failing to eat breakfast this morning, lack of water, and drinking caffeine before lunch (to halt an impending headache and perk me up from exhaustion).

It was the perfect cocktail for an anxiety/panic attack. The paramedics urged me to go home and rest/recover. I’ve managed to get some sleep but feel drained which I was told would happen.

I’m so very grateful to everyone who helped me today. Tiffany and Cheryl in HR, Marie, our security guard, my supervisor, Mary….they are so kind and understanding.

To the four amazing EMTs, Pete (my cousin! ūüôā), Travis and the two whose names I can’t remember, you calmed me down and assured me I wasn’t dying or going crazy.

To my dad who came to the rescue and drove Doug to work to get me back home, thank you. Dad you are my hero. Doug, my knight in shining armor.

I’m so grateful to everyone who helped me through a very scary experience.

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June 14, 2017

WOW: Walk Off Weight

Let’s talk about weight. ¬†Mine, not yours. ¬†After having three babies I’m struggling with shedding the baby weight. ¬†I’m laughing to myself as I write this.¬†Let me be honest. ¬†My weight has been something I’ve battled since I was very young.

Years of negative comments have affected my confidence and I’ve never felt good enough to be thin. ¬†I always assumed that it was my lot in life to be heavy. I could blame heredity, genetics. ¬†I could blame my PCOS diagnosis. ¬†I could also blame the fact that I like food. ¬†Love it, really. There are many factors that have contributed to my weight issues. ¬†The truth is I’ve never really addressed them and it’s something I’ve resolved to work on this year.

I have yo-yo dieted for decades. I’ve had good intentions, New Year’s resolutions, and months of healthy habits followed by binges. ¬†I’ve tried Atkins, South Beach, Clean Eating, Paleo, Whole 30, Weight Watchers, detoxes, the 400 Calorie Diet, and others. ¬†Nothing has really stuck because my commitment has wavered. ¬†Sometimes, I even looked for reasons to fail. ¬†That little voice in my head is evil. She tells me I’m weak, to just quit, it’s too hard, I’ll never succeed. ¬†I finally told her to shut the hell up.

In the last few weeks I’ve been walking almost daily. ¬†I’ve given up most of the delicious but unhealthy foods I’ve loved. ¬†I still have the occasional soda when I’m battling PMS, but I’ve learned that complete deprivation will cause me to fail miserably.

While I’d love to get back into running (which is how I lost most of the weight from pregnancy #2), I’m not quite ready. Walking has been great in reducing stress and boosting my mood. ¬†I go in the evening, after dinner, when the summer sun isn’t so hot. ¬†I know the experts say not to exercise before bedtime, but it actually helps center me and makes me tired. ¬†I sleep so much better when I walk, shower and go to bed.

The kids have been tagging along, too. I have had wonderful conversations with my oldest about school and his plans for summer. My middle son loves to ask questions the entire walk and I love how inquisitive he is.  The youngest sits quietly in his stroller, occasionally pointing out trees, the moon and scurrying animals he sees.  I love these moments.

I’ve also been reading this book¬†to really step things up. Walk Off Weight, also known as the WOW Plan has really opened my eyes to the benefits of a walking program. ¬†My friend and former personal trainer has always said slow and steady is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off. I like that walking gives me the results I’m seeking. ¬†I’ve lost 7 pounds in two weeks, and I’ve upped my water intake, too. The biggest change is how much better I feel. ¬†My clothes are fitting better, I’m not as insecure about how I look and I feel more confident.

Over the next six weeks of the WOW plan, I’m also going to work on getting to the gym for some strength training. Cardio is not enough to burn fat. ¬†I love walking because I can do it anywhere, but I know I need to add some weights to my program. ¬†Getting to the gym is going to be a challenge for me. ¬†There’s never enough time in the day it seems.

What are your tips and tricks to shed the pounds?

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