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Like most of my harebrained ideas, The Dana Files began as a journal. I suppose one could call it a diary. A diary of my life and the stories of my journey through marriage, motherhood and becoming a writer.

From the age of ten, I always kept a diary. I wrote about school, friends, crushes on boys and anything else in my world. My diary was my best friend. I could write anything I wanted in that book. It was my way of expressing my feelings.

As I grew up, I still had my diaries, although now the term of choice was “journaling”. I still continued to scribble my disconnected thoughts on paper.

In high school I took a journalism class and my teacher, Ms. Colby suggested journaling as a way to collect topic ideas. I loved writing for the school newspaper, The Mirror, and I collected many of those articles which are neatly tucked away in a storage box in the garage. I’m often tempted to dig them out and take a look at those words.

My articles were simply words flowing through my brain like a river and I somehow managed to get them into print. I only hope my writing has evolved since then. Ms. Colby would be proud to see I’m still archiving my ideas. She was my first inspiration when it came to writing.

My dream was to major in broadcast journalism in college, but my life endured many different changes. Instead of attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, I enrolled at Midstate Technical College. I planned to study computer programming and web design. After the first three semesters I realized it wasn’t for me.

I switched my focus three times. Marketing, Business, Human Resources; I couldn’t decide. I always fell back into my writing. That was the one thing that held my interest.

I started blogging officially in April 2006. My inspiration came from a featured blogger on MSN Spaces, The Caffeinated Librarian. TCL had such wit and humor and I instantly felt my own desire to write. For the first time I became serious about my decision to become a writer. Blogging seemed like the best way to start. And so, The Dana Files was born.

I learned the tricks of this blogging trade by reading and loving the styles and techniques of bloggers, Mocha Momma, Queen of Spain, A Mommy Story, Motherhood Uncensored, Dooce, Fussy, Mom Writes and Mom-101. These women were inspirational. Often called “Mommybloggers”, I began to relate to these ladies and their stories. I owe much of my blogging career to these blogging pros.

While The Dana Files is fairly new in terms of age of blogs, I feel like I’ve been blogging for years. I often write about my husband Doug, our son Dawson and our little Boston Terrier, Murphy. We live in Wisconsin, in the house I grew up in.

My favorite topics to blog about include politics, religion, motherhood, marriage, feminism, current events and humorous happenings.

When I’m not blogging, you can find me reading and commenting at other blogs. Or trying to hide in the closet from my toddler during his temper tantrums. Or pretending to be asleep while my husband cooks dinner. I think he’s on to me, though.

Welcome to The Dana Files. I can be reached at: thedanafilesblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Full Disclosure: The views expressed on this blog are entirely mine, and have not been, nor will be, influenced by the brands and/or companies who advertise, sponsor, or partner with me.  If you’d like me to review a product or service, please feel free to send me an e-mail to the address above.  If the product or service is valued at more than $40, please know that any review will be completed and posted at my review blog, Dana Reviews.  Thank you for your consideration.

To the Trolls: If you feel so inclined to leave nasty comments or send hate e-mails, I reserve the right to publish your comments and/or e-mails, and your e-mail address, in any fashion I choose.  Offensive comments will not be published.  In fact, I’ll execute the power of the delete button faster than you can say “Troll.”  I’ll probably Google your username and e-mail address, too.  I’ve found lots of interesting and highly personal information from Google searches before, I won’t hesitate to do it again.  Have a nice day!

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Dana began her Mom career in 2004 with the birth of her first child. A mother of three boys, she spends her days putting out fires, climbing mountains and chasing monsters.
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