September 26, 2017

The NFL Has Gone to Hell

I’m so over this kneeling-during-the-National-Anthem insanity. Why, oh why, does politics have to ruin everything? I can’t have my football without a side of discourse? I have to see, hear and read about this mess everywhere I turn?

I have three sons, and two of them play football. They don’t play the National Anthem before flag football games, thank God. I can’t imagine seeing a bunch of 8-year-old boys taking a knee because their NFL role models are setting that example. It’s not okay.

Respect the flag. Respect the veterans who fought for your right to be idiots. I don’t care if you hate our president. Go out and fight for what you believe in. Use your celebrity status to get it done, ON YOUR TIME. I’m not okay with you getting paid to demonstrate disrespect on national television.

Do you even know how ironic it was for Colin Kaepernick to take a knee during the anthem, claiming he was fighting oppression, only to come out days later wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt? Castro, one of the most well known oppressors in his native Cuba! And Kaepernick thinks we were going to take him seriously? Right.

And here we are a year later, dealing with this same BS. I’m over it. I really think it’s time to stop watching football. It’s a hard call to make when I love the game so much, but I love this country, and that flag, more.

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