September 22, 2017

Back to School: Hangin’ with the Homies

The kids are back in school as of the day after Labor Day.  I’m relieved.  I needed life to return to some form of normalcy, whatever that means.  We’re still getting accustomed to waking up early, getting everyone clothed and out the door on time. We had no routine in place during those three hot months. Summer really rocked the boat.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine and beach days as much as the next mom, but my kids are wild and crazy when school is not in session.  Where they get their energy is beyond me.  (I try to limit sugar, but man, were they off the walls!)

My oldest is now in seventh grade.  Let that sink in for a moment.  I have a 13-year-old!  He celebrated his birthday last week and I could almost see him mature right before my eyes.  He says he loves junior high, he loves to ride the bus to school with his buddies (this surprises me), and he’s doing well in all of his classes thus far.  I have to confess that I obsessively check his grades and assignments on Skyward Family Access.  I love having power!

His teachers seem very nice, even if two of them scared him silly the first week of school. I chalk it up to them laying down the law so that the kids don’t even try to get away with anything. He even has some of his friends in a lot of his classes.  I know he was worried he wouldn’t know anyone at the big junior high school.  After school he goes to Cross Country practice and has had some pretty great meets, and he’s still an active Boy Scout.  This kid has a better social calendar than his mom!

The middle man is in second grade.  He’s still losing teeth at a fast pace. Each baby tooth that falls out is a reminder that my almost 8-year-old isn’t a baby anymore. This kid isn’t a fan of school.  He resists any attempt I make to get him to read for 20 minutes (I have to use The Force).  He tells me every day that the best part of school is hangin’ with his homies.  (I feel ya, bro. But you’re there to learn!  Gotta earn some dolla billz one day; you ain’t living off me the rest of your life, yo.)  In all honesty, I’d let him live with me forever.  I dread the day I become an empty nester.

My wild child seems to be adjusting well to life at school.  He really shines when it comes to math.  He loves to play football, the flag season just started, and he’s already designated himself the Flag Pulling King.  After the last game he burst through the front door and yelled, “Six Flags!” It took me a moment to realize we weren’t going to the amusement park.

And then there’s my baby, the G-man.  He’s creeping up on two and a half, and boy can he talk.  This boy repeats everything I say.  Sometimes even curse words (WHAT? I don’t curse…as much…anymore….I’m working on it).  During the last Packer game someone let the words, “stupid f—s” come out of their mouth (It was NOT me, I promise you) and Gan the Man repeated it, but to us it sounded like “Doopid Ducks!”  So all game long we began yelling at the television that those stupid ducks needed to stop pooping all over the Packers.  Falcons, ducks, same diff, no?

My little baby boy is growing too fast for my liking.  Every day I look at him and he seems older, wiser, and ready for anything.  He loves to be outdoors. Playgrounds, parks, lakes, sticks, mud puddles, sandboxes, spraying the hose on the garden and taking walks are his favorite things right now.  The “terrible two” stage only rears it’s ugly head when we have to drag him back in the house before dark.  “Hafta go ooouusssiiide!” he’ll wail, followed by a dramatic display in which he lays on the sidewalk, screaming.  Our neighbors must love this Oscar-winning performance by my toddler.  He could put Merryl Streep to shame.  (Okay not, really!)  I’ve begun bathing this child every single night because he’s filthy from all the playing in the dirt. I’d rather have him playing outside, though.  Soon as winter arrives, and that dirty S-word, we won’t venture outside very  much.  I can’t handle cold.

The Huz is happy the boys are back to their routines, too.  We’ve had only minor logistic hiccups in getting each kid where they need to be, but for the most part things are running smoothly in our household. My work weeks are chaotic during Back-to-School month, but I’ll take that job security.  At the end of the day, it’s nice to go home and hang with my homies, too.

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