June 16, 2017

Politics: Trump, Russia, Virginia Shooting

I’m going to get political for a moment.  It’s been years since I wrote a blog post pertaining to politics.  Really, no one cares what I think.  It’s no secret I’m very conservative.  I’m a registered Republican, but in the last five years my point of view has changed.  I no longer identify with the Republican Party.  They don’t speak for me.  They don’t represent me.  However, I’m far from ever becoming a Democrat.  My beliefs don’t align with their platform by any means.

Living in small town Wisconsin and within a few miles of a university most of my neighbors are Democrats.  It’s not easy to talk politics as we often completely disagree on the issues our country faces.  The last election was insane.  I never in a million years thought it possible that Donald J. Trump, business mogul and reality TV star, could become the next president of the United States.  I mean, really?

When he was campaigning I told several relatives and friends that if he won it would be the most amusing and frustrating presidency in our history.  I’m not going to lie, I liked Trump’s no BS attitude, but the crap that comes out of his mouth makes me cringe more often than not.  I wanted a tough, confident man or woman in office, not a complete egomaniac.

The election came and went, he won, that’s it, I’m over it.  The left is still reeling about the events of 2016.  I get it.  I understand it.  I felt the same way when Obama was elected. I vented and then let it go.  It is what it is, as they say. But these Democrats in office are losing their damn minds every single day.  They are perpetuating the very  hatred they claim to despise with their anti-Trump rhetoric, insults, lies and attacks on his character and his family.

This Russia “investigation” is out of control.  The witch hunt to find some piece of evidence, which does not exist, that proves Trump or his advisers (namely Attorney General Jeff Sessions) colluded with Vladimir Putin is a spectacle.  Enough already.  Obama stated it was nearly impossible to rig and election but now we’re supposed to believe the Russians hacked it to get Trump into office?  The hell?

Wednesday morning a shooting occurred at a congressional baseball practice which resulted in four people being wounded. The political accusations started flying just hours after the bullets did. Never mind the fact that the shooter was a Bernie Sanders supported and a member of several anti-Trump, anti-Republican groups.  Violence is never the answer no matter your political affiliation.  The devastation affects everyone, the victims, the perpetrator and their families. What upsets me the most is the hypocrisy.  The Left is quick to cast judgment on gun violence, until they realize the criminal is one of their supporters.  Instead of condemning the act, they try to take the attention off themselves and look for more “evidence” that Trump has hacked an election.  They focus on “leaks” and alleged obstruction of justice.  Why aren’t they going after Hillary?

It’s time to stop this madness and get down to business.  There are issues to resolve.  Enough with the smoke screens.

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