June 13, 2017

The Dana Files 2.0: Back to Basics

This blog needs an overhaul.  It came to my attention when my oldest son “discovered” my blog.  He’s known about it for awhile but never actually read any posts.  I haven’t shared the link with him either.  He just graduated sixth grade and his friends have entered the Google age.  They Google everything.  My 12-year-old came home upset because they Googled his name and found embarrassing posts about how much his mother loves him, my nickname for him, and more.

I felt sad that he was upset because I never intended to cause him embarrassment.  The decision was made to make all previous posts private until I have the time to go through them and remove names and other identifying information. However, my name is still public and anyone with basic investigation skills can probably figure out who I’m writing about. I have decided to start from scratch with this little blog.

Blogging is a creative outlet for me, a way to share my thoughts and feelings, and to dissect much of what I read about politics and news.  I like to think that I’ve been doing this long enough to know what makes for a good blog, but over the last eleven years, I’ve lost my focus.  This has a lot to do with being a mother of three, working full time and not having spare time to write.  I’ve been keeping a diary of more personal details, written by hand, and it’s very cathartic. There are many facets of my life and I hope to document what I’m experiencing.

So, here’s to reinvention!

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