March 30, 2017

It’s Only Been Two Months…

…since my last blog post.  That’s a good sign!  I have been meaning to get back here and post an update.  Time is a funny thing.

At the beginning of the year I was perusing Goodreads and signed up for a reading challenge.  I decided to read 36 books this year.  This seemed like a reasonable amount of reading for me.  Baby G is approaching two years old in May, he’s becoming more independent and I have a little more free time. So far I’ve read 8 books since January and I’m in the beginning of the ninth.  I’m having a little trouble getting into this one.  Mostly because my kids have been busy with activities, and then the oldest and the youngest got sick with a stomach bug.  I was on a roll.  Now I’ve stalled.  It’s really difficult to get back into things when you’re being pulled in many directions.

The boys are gearing up for the end of this school year.  I cannot believe my oldest will be i 7th grade this fall!  He’s excited but he says he’s going to miss his elementary school teachers.  I keep telling him this is all part of growing up.  D is active in Boy Scouts and sports.  He’s currently in the middle of his second basketball session at the YMCA.  His school had a 6th grade basketball “season” that was only four games.  The Y gives him extended playing time and I’ve noticed he really loves this sport.  Baseball season begins in about a month and he’s excited to play.

Middle O is also playing basketball at the YMCA.  He is super excited to be on the same team as his best friend from school.  Their coach is also the assistant coach for the SPASH Boys’ Basketball team (who just won at state – a 3-peat!) and he really works with the boys on teaching them skills and drills.  I find myself misty-eyed watching them play.  They pay attention, they work together and they are learning so much!

I’ve been thinking of ditching cable lately, too.  There’s never anything good on all 200 channels.  I’ve been DVRing my favorites to watch when I have time, but I also notice I prefer Netflix and Hulu so much more.  Binge watching is sooo much fun.  Right now I’m finishing Person of Interest (I love Jim Caviezal and Michael Emerson) and I started watching The Fall (oooh, that Jamie Dornan!).  The boys and I just finished Fuller House, too.  It is everything I could ever want in a remake.  I feel rather old watching it, as thought it’s TGIF all over again.  Those of you who went to high school in the 90s know exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s about all I’ve got right now.  No current events worthy of discussing.  Politics is really making me mad…as usual…and I’m tired of wasting time on things I cannot control.


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January 30, 2017

A quick check in…

One month into 2017 and my world is still hectic as ever.  I am often pulled in many directions, at the mercy of my children’s schedules.  I feel guilty for not having time to myself and guiltier when I actually do something I love.

Take reading a book, for example.  My To-Read list on Goodreads is growing longer.  I checked out three books from the library at the beginning of the month and finished not one of them.  In fact, I read the same chapter four times in the first book.  Interruptions by children, chores, telephones and Facebook make it nearly impossible.

Oh, Facebook.  I so want to quit social media.  But this is the only way I keep in touch with the busy people I love.  I feel this intense need for privacy, and yet, when I don’t log in for a few days, I come back to countless messages and comments.  And I learn that I’ve missed a lot of stuff in the lives of my friends.  Ack.  So, I’m stuck with it for a little longer, I suppose.

Work is going wonderfully.  I love my new job, even though I’ve worked here a mere nine months, it feels like longer.  I was elated when I finally passed my first two certifications in December.  It was the greatest feeling to know that I can do this.

The boys are doing well, too.  D is in Boy Scouts, O in Cub Scouts and Little G just tags along with us.  Both boys are also playing basketball on Saturday mornings, so I spend a lot of time in the car transporting everyone to where they need to be.

I can’t believe the school year is half over.  My sixth grader is enjoying his last year of elementary.  He’s excited and nervous about junior high.  I am in awe of my soon-to-be seventh grader.   His teacher shared during our parent-teacher conference that he’s the most organized kid she knows, and he has the cleanest desk in the class, with everything neatly in its place.  That made me chuckle.  He may have a touch of OCD, like his mom, but even I wasn’t ever that organized.

My middle guy is loving first grade. His teacher was on maternity leave for most of the first semester, but she has since returned and the kids are far less agitated.  Their substitute teacher was significantly older (pretty sure she’s my mother’s age) and had more “old school” styles of teaching.  The kids in the classroom weren’t really receptive to these methods.  And she yelled a lot, according to O.

And then there’s my baby…he’s 20 months old now.  I cannot believe he’s nearly two!  He’s beginning to talk more.  Last week he learned the words ‘sock’ and ‘taco’ and he put two words together to say “puppy sleep.”  Love that little boy so much.  This is definitely the fun age.

Well, I only had a few minutes to post this update.  But I’ll be back tomorrow.

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September 1, 2016

Another First Day of School

It’s the first day of school here in our little town.  My oldest son is now a sixth grader.  It’s his last first day of school at Roosevelt Elementary.  It’s bittersweet.  As I watched him walk his little brother to the grade lines, I felt the emotions welling up within me.  I held it together, but for a small moment I had a flash to his first day of Kindergarten.  I could remember this little boy walking into his classroom and finding his spot at the table.  I also remember the tears I cried as I left the room, walking as fast as I could to my car, afraid that others would see me sobbing like an idiot.  The drive to work was awful, I cried the entire 5 miles. How fast the time has gone by.  My baby boy will soon be twelve years old.

My middle guy is now a first grader.  He is my wild child, or “spirited” as they say now days.  When I asked him several days ago if he was ready to go back to school, he responded with an emphatic “no.”  School is just an annoyance for him right now. It interrupts with the busy job of playing all day long.  Thankfully, his older brother was excited to go back and set a good example to follow.  They both were anxious last night and I was surprised to see they both fell asleep on the same bunk in their room.  These are images I never want to forget.

On the way to work I thought about how nervous they must be.  A new year has begun with new classrooms, teachers and friends.  They both were worried they wouldn’t have their best friends in their classrooms.  I think said something along the lines of, “That’s okay, you’ll get to know the people that weren’t in your classes last year.”  Of course, they don’t yet appreciate the opportunity to befriend new people and make new memories.  I’m sure this will come in time.

Baby brother went off to daycare alone today.  He was a little clingier than usual, but he loves his daycare provider very much.  I’m grateful to have someone in his life that is practically a second mother.  She knows his personality so well and cares for him as if he were her own child.  That’s a rare gem to find in today’s world.

I’m getting sentimental now.  I flash forward to the future when my baby boy goes to school.  It will be here before I know it.  Here’s to a new school year and appreciating every moment and making memories!

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June 23, 2016

A Blog Revival

In the last few months I’ve thought long about whether I want to continue blogging.  My instinct is to shut it down, pull the plug.  I haven’t been a regular blogger in years.  But my heart is sad when I think about ending this…whatever it is that’s left.  I miss my blogger friends. I miss reading about their lives.  I realize that others have lapsed, too.  This is the thing about blogging, it’s all fun and games until life happens.  And that’s okay.

I’ve had some realizations in the last few years, too.  I’m thirty-seven years old.  A mom of three boys.  A wife to the love of my life for the last 15 years.  Okay, not technically 15 until October but it feels like so long ago that we tied the knot.  Time is precious.  And it goes by so very fast.

I reflect on the last five years and it amazes me what I’ve accomplished.  I worked full time.  I attended college full time and finally graduated in December 2014.  I struggled through a job that didn’t appreciate me and managed to score the job of my dreams after many heartbreaks and frustrations that made me think I wasn’t good enough.  But I overcame all of it. This is still difficult for me to believe and acknowledge.

My children are growing by leaps and bounds.  I am in denial about this.  In my mind they are going to stay little forever.  The will not grow up and leave me.  It’s not right.  Motherhood is not easy.  It’s one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever faced.  This is the longest job I’ve ever held and I still don’t know what I’m doing sometimes.  There is no training for parenthood, but I must be doing some things right.   They’re still alive, so there’s that.

One thing I miss since having a third baby is my free time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I’m grateful to spend time with them, but I’ve realized I am the default parent.  I don’t have the luxury to get up and go anywhere sans children without advance planning, several reminders beginning five days ahead of time, and an exact return time.  If I’m a minute late the boys will send out the search party.  Yes, I’m including my husband as one of the boys.  I really do feel like I have four children sometimes.

On another note, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.  I’m pretty lucky.  I know things could always be worse.  In the meantime, I’ll try to remember that my children will grow up and I’ll have plenty of free time.  And I’ll probably blog about missing my kids.  I can’t pull the plug just yet.  Here’s to relighting the blog fire.

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